"Evolution of Structure and Function in Biology".


21-25 October 2002
Organizer: Sándor Pongor, Trieste, Italy

The official course poster

The goal of the workshop is to give a broad, interdisciplinary 
overview on the unifying concepts of evolution, ranging from genes, 
genomes, protein structures to behaviour, languages and 
computational approaches.
Invited speakers include:
Derek Bickerton, Honolulu, USA, 
               "Thought and language"
Luca Cavalli Sforza, Stanford, USA, 
               "From hunting gathering to religion, art and biotechnology: 
          biological and cultural evolution"
Jean-Louis Deneubourg, Brussels, Belgium,  
         "Information processing in insect societies"


Andrei Gabrielian (Washington DC, USA)

"Approaches and Challenges of Annotation of the Human Genome"

Balázs Gulyás, Stockholm, Sweden, 
               "Major transitions and major gaps in evolution" 
Peter Hammerstein, Berlin, Germany, 
               "Evolutionary models of conflict and cooperation".
Stevan Harnad, Montréal, Canada, 
        "Evolution of behavior, cognition, and consciousness"
Eugene Koonin, Bethesda, MD., USA, 
               "Major transitions in evolution: a genomic perspective"
Simon Kirby, Edinburgh, UK, 
               "The Transition to Language: Where Learning, Culture 
        and Evolution Meet"
Gary Marcus, New York, USA, 
               "Plasticity and nativism: Towards a resolution 
               of an apparent paradox." 
Roger H. Pain, Ljubljana, Slovenia
               "Evolution of protein folding"
László Patthy, Budapest, Hungary, 
               "Evolutionary Innovation through Modular Assembly"
Sándor Pongor, Trieste, Italy,
               “Knolewdge representation in molecular evolution” 
Luc Steels, Paris, France, 
               "Evolving Embodied Minds"
Miroslav Radman, Paris, France
         “Evolutionary paradigms from studies of bacteria”
Eörs Szathmáry, Budapest, Hungary,
               "Major Transitions in Evolution"
William S-Y. Wang, Hong Kong, China, 
               "Do languages leak?"
Lewis Wolpert, London, UK, 
               "Evolution of Development"